Ye Olde Blacksmith Art Gallery in Stanstead set to begin summer season

STANSTEAD — Friday marks the opening of the Vieux Forgeron (Ye Olde Blacksmith) Art Gallery in Stanstead with ‘Response to the Land’, an exhibition of floral art and painting by husband and wife duo Linda and Charles Peacock from Fitch Bay, Quebec, and ‘Response of Humans: Greece, Refugees, and Love’, a collaboration of voices from Greece put together by Jackie Heim.

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The vernissage will take place on Friday, June 17 from 5-7 p.m.

Linda Peacock

Inspired by the natural fauna of the West coast of British Columbia, Australia, New Zealand, and her native Quebec, Fitch Bay resident Linda Peacock has always been drawn to collecting materials found in nature and creating something from them.

With a background in interior and floral design, Linda uses common botanicals from her immediate surroundings as well as exotics and arranges them into sculpted art, contrasting texture, color and form to highlight the distinctive quality of each element. The result is often stunning, such as the rose pink color of dried seaweed from the ocean against witch hazel and dried lotus pod stems or bauhinia seed pods mounted on a royal pond frond.

Each piece is completely unique from the other but their commonality is their gracefulness.

Charles Peacock

Charles Peacock was born in England and brought up on a farm on the Suffolk/Essex borders, reminiscent of the landscape here in the Townships. Inspired by his surroundings, Charles starting painting at a young age. In later years he moved to Lennoxville to take up a teaching contract, continuing his career in Victoria, BC, but it was in 2010 when he and Linda decided to return to this part of the world where the landscape has stayed so close to his heart and reminds him still, of England where he was raised.

Throughout the years, wherever he lived, he took inspiration for his painting from the landscape around him.

Jackie Heim

This past year Greece has seen over 1 million migrants land on its shores, people escaping war, brutality, and discrimination in search of a safe place to live.

During Jackie Heim’s second time working in solidarity in Greece she recorded and interviewed refugees, volunteers, and local Greeks.

‘Response of Humans: Greece, Refugees, and Love’ is a collaboration of people’s testimony. It is an attempt to bridge the divide born of our vastly different daily realities.

This exhibition runs from June 16 – July 3.

Gallery hours are Thurs-Sun, 11 – 6 p.m.

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