Derby Line Port of Entry to get extreme makeover this summer

DERBY LINE, VT — The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), announced the award of a $23 million construction contract for upgrades to the Derby Line Vermont Port of Entry.


The contract will allow for the completion of necessary upgrades to the port, replacing the outdated facility which currently exists.

The project will be designed to be both energy efficient, sustainable and will be certified as LEED Gold by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Officials say the more modernized, structurally sound land port entry will help commerce and trade flow efficiently from across the border.

“Upgrading one of the key commercial ports of Vermont while strengthening our border infrastructure are important priorities,” said Robert Zarnetske, GSA Regional Administrator, New England Region. “GSA is delighted to be able to announce this long-anticipated project will begin this Summer.”

About the Derby Line LPOE Project:

The project will include a new commercial inspection building with a 2 bay commercial loading dock, cargo storage, lab space, a kennel, public counter space and CBP work areas.

A new main port building is also planned, which will include administrative offices, processing and immigration services spaces, and a violator retention area.

A photovoltaic solar array will be installed providing on-site renewable energy.

A 20 percent reduction in water consumption and a 32 percent reduction in total energy usage is projected as a result of this project.

In addition, 75 percent or more of all construction waste will be diverted from landfill through recycling.

The project will also incorporate new inspection booths, canopies, and lane configurations.

Additional site improvements consist of new lighting, fire protection, water service, sanitary sewer, site drainage and stormwater management systems, improvements to paving, signage, electrical service and a new access drive.

Construction is set to begin this summer.

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