Slippery road conditions cause accidents in Magog, three people taken to the hospital

MAGOG — There were multiple accidents in Magog on Monday, sending three people to the hospital. One of the victims was a pregnant woman.


Police received a 9-1-1 call at around 9:30 a.m. regarding an accident near the overpass on Autoroute 55 in Magog.

One driver, a 41-year-old man from Montreal, was taken to the CHUS Fleurimont, while the other, a 35-year-old woman of Ste-Catherine de Hatley, was taken to the hospital in Magog.

There is no word yet as to the nature of the injuries anyone suffered.

Police say most likely the driver exiting the highway did not consider the slippery road conditions, causing the crash.

The road was blocked for about 45 minutes as the vehicles were removed.

1:40 p.m.

Another 9-1-1 call came in regarding an accident on chemin d’Ayer’s Cliff (route 141), near the intersection of chemin de Fitch Bay, in Magog.

Police say two vehicles were involved and both needed to be towed from the scene.

One of the drivers involved was a pregnant woman, who was taken by ambulance to the hospital as a precaution.

Police say one of the drivers lost control due to slippery road conditions, hitting the other vehicle.

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